GRG ATM Parts CDM 8240

GRG ATM Parts CDM 8240

Category: GRG Dispenser
Part Number:8240
Description:GRG ATM Parts CDM 8240

Product Details

Technical specifications


Cash withdrawal characteristics

Banknote method: horizontally stacking

Banknote speed: 7 sheets / sec

Suitable banknotes

Material: paper, plastic base

Size: length 110~172mm, width 55~85mm,

Thickness 0.06~0.18mm

Cash box

Single box capacity: 3000 sheets

Less banknote detection: 50 to 250 sheets (adjustable)

recycle bin

Capacity: 100 sheets (forgotten recycling) + 250 sheets (waste recycling)

Independent closed design with safety lock

Maintenance method

Front maintenance, post maintenance (optional)

Power supply requirements

DC 24V ± 10%, 200W (maximum)

Communication Interface

Serial port (RS-232)


Standard mouth: 42kg (standard, including two-level cash box)

The total weight is increased by 9.9 kg for each additional cash box.

proper temperature

Working temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C

Working humidity: 20% to 90% RH

Mean time between failures

100,000 times


Performance characteristics


Safe and reliable

Perfect detection technology, easy to deal with broken banknotes, heavy banknotes, and banknotes to ensure the quality of banknotes.

The unique banknote self-learning function adapts to banknotes of various materials and different old and new levels.

Independent recycling bin with lock-closed design for enhanced banknote management.

Efficient and fast

3000 large-capacity cash boxes greatly reduce the frequency of replacing cash boxes and reduce operating costs.

The industry-leading 7-piece/sec high-speed banknotes meet the requirements for fast change.

Intelligent forgotten banknote recycling function to effectively avoid trading disputes.

Easy maintenance

Less wearing parts, long life and easy replacement

No need for professionals, no tools are required to eliminate banknotes on the spot.