Anti-skimmer Security function

- Feb 21, 2019-

Security function

     1. Card reader into the bayonet protection function:

     This product continues to use the card reader to enter the E-type port of the card. The detection sensor is added inside the E-type port. Once the E-type port is damaged, the controller starts the alarm by detecting the sensor status and suspends the device service.

     2. Illegal device detection function:

This product has an illegal device detection function, which can detect whether an illegal card-cracking device is installed outside the card reader at any time. Once an illegal device is detected, the controller will start an alarm and suspend the device service.

     3. Fishing hook detection function:

   This product has a fishing hook device detection function, which can detect whether the card reader is illegally installed with a fishing hook. Once the card reader is detected to be installed with the fishing hook device, the controller will start an alarm and suspend the device service.

     4. Alarm networking system protection function:

      After the controller detects the abnormality, the controller automatically switches the device from the service state to the operator state, suspends the external transaction, and outputs a signal to the monitoring system of the device to transmit the alarm signal to the security center (or the background monitoring center) for the background personnel. Timely to watch relevant videos and take corresponding measures. At this time, the built-in speaker of the control panel will also sound an alarm to remind the cardholder and deter criminals.

     5. Security protection function:

     Once the product alarm is activated, the service function of the device cannot be restored outside the device. Even if the device is powered off, the alarm state will remain, and the alarm will continue after power-on. Only after the bank operator checks the exclusion exception, resetting the controller through the reset button of the controller can restore the external service of the device.