atm cold use frequency decline

- May 22, 2018-

Mobile payment, has been called "one of the Chinese four great inventions", the past few years,, caifutong (micro channel payment) backed by Alibaba, Tencent two Internet giants, open the "cashless" era of the door. Subsequently, the use of electronic payment in the daily consumption of the settlement link is more and more frequent, people's paper payment habits have been subverted, to the bank counter or ATM machine to cash access to less and less.

Mobile payment is in the limelight. At this time, the ATM machine, which was born in 1967, is in a "dilemma". Reporters in the shopping malls, hospitals, communities and other crowded areas, found that ATM machine no longer long queues before. At 12 o'clock at noon, it was at the peak of the rush hour. The Construction Bank, CITIC Bank, Huaxia Bank and the ATM Bank of the Bank of communications, near Shiqiaopu, were rarely used, slightly cold. The reporter observed half an hour in a 24 hour self-service banking network. The number of people who came to use was less than 10, and most of them were saving money.

A hall manager told reporters that the use of ATM has been decreasing, many customers come to save money, less money, because the use rate is not high, the new outlets for the ATM machine layout is reduced.

With the change of living habits and the transfer of consumption scenarios, the age of ATM is coming to an end. The era of mobile payment has arrived.

According to the operation report of China's payment and liquidation industry (2018), last year, domestic commercial banks handled more than 37 billion 500 million strokes and 202 trillion yuan of the mobile payment business, with a year-on-year increase of 46.06% and 28.80% respectively. The non bank payment institutions handled about 239000000000 mobile payment businesses, with an amount of more than 105 trillion yuan, representing an increase of 146.53% and 106.06% respectively over the same period. In mobile payment, barcode payment is the highest. Non bank payment institutions altogether handle barcode payment business more than 7 billion 300 million, the amount of 910 billion yuan, consumption accounts for 99.93%, the distribution of single consumption amount is 1 to 100 yuan, 33.68%, 100 to 500 yuan ratio 52.65%, showing a small, quick, convenient, civilian payment characteristics.

"70% to 80% of customers use mobile phone to scan code payment." Lu Fang Yu Zihyuan stove old Hot pot boss told reporters, now one day cash less than 500 yuan, the vast majority of customers using mobile phone payment, put in the freezer on the scanning Alipay or WeChat two-dimensional code, very convenient.

At the Jun Yao life supermarket, the newly decorated small supermarket has cash receipts and handheld scavengers. The store owner says 80% of the daily turnover is mobile payment, and cash receipts are not used high.

The cold and hot ATM and mobile payment also affected the producers and operators behind them, and affected the related industries.