ATM main peripheral function module

- Oct 29, 2018-

Withdrawal module

     This module is a withdrawal transaction for ATM and a more important trading function module of ATM. How its performance will directly affect the reliability and accuracy of ATM services. At present, global manufacturers use two different working principles to manufacture this withdrawal module. One is to use the principle of vacuum suction to realize the function of issuing money of the module; the other is to use the friction method to realize the function of issuing money of the module. The general withdrawal module is equipped with two to four cash boxes to provide withdrawal transactions. The module has two most important technical indicators, one is whether the module can reliably withdraw the banknotes from the cash box; the other is whether the module can be accurate Count the number of specified banknotes.


Deposit module

This module is a deposit function transaction for ATM, which is another important trading function module of ATM. The module is currently designed in two different ways of working.

(1) Real-time processing

This working mode module can process the customer's deposit banknotes in real time, and the customer directly sends the banknotes into the banknotes.

Within the module, the module can automatically identify the authenticity of the banknote and count the number of banknotes. If the transaction is successful, the bank will immediately confirm the deposit amount of the customer. The feature of this module is that the transaction is fast and efficient, but the cost of such a module is particularly expensive.

(2) Batch processing method

This module uses the envelope deposit method. When the customer makes a deposit transaction, the deposit banknote is first placed.

The envelope is then fed into the module, but the module can neither identify the authenticity of the banknote nor count the number of banknotes. It can only check the banknotes in the envelope by the operator every day, and then enter the result of the inventory into the computer to confirm. At this time, the amount of the deposit was confirmed by the bank. This kind of working method has low transaction efficiency, and is actually handled manually. It is also easy to cause transaction disputes between customers and banks. Therefore, this module is only suitable for check deposit transactions. However, the cost of such modules is low.

Print module

The ATM manufacturer will configure the corresponding printer for the ATM according to the needs of the bank. In general, ATMs can be configured with the following printers according to the bank's requirements:

(1) transaction flow account printer

This is a printer that must be configured for each ATM. Its function is to print a message for each transaction of the ATM.

The document is recorded, as well as the management and maintenance operations performed by the operator and maintenance personnel on the ATM. The ATM operating status (including normal and abnormal working conditions) is also recorded. Transaction journal printers generally use a pin-type printer, which allows the pin-printer to print for a long time, which is required for the bank to keep the original transaction records for a long time.

(2) transaction receipt printer

This is also the printer that must be configured for each ATM. Its function is to print a transaction receipt for the customer when each transaction of the ATM is completed. Some trading items, such as query transactions, may not print the transaction receipt. The transaction receipt printer can be either pin-punched or thermal-printed. Thermal printers print faster and print graphics, but at a higher cost.

(3) passbook printer

If the ATM provides a deposit or withdrawal function using a passbook, the machine must be configured with a passbook printer. Otherwise, the passbook printer will be provided to the bank for use as an option. In China, it is best to use Chinese passbook printers to print Chinese and automatically flip pages.

(4) Statement printer

This is a printer designed to print credit card statements that can be wide

The form is printed and printed in the form of a report. The reconciliation printer used in China must be able to print Chinese, otherwise there is no practical value.

(5) Invoice printer

This is a printer designed specifically for the payment business. It uses pre-printed invoice paper rolls.

Print media, print in a format. Its structure and function are no different from the receipt printer.