ATM Printing Module

- Mar 11, 2018-

The ATM manufacturer will configure the printer for ATM according to the needs of the bank. Generally speaking, ATM can according to the requirements of the bank configuration as follows:

(1) the printer transaction journal printer which is every ATM must configure the printer, its function is to record each transaction document for ATM, it also records the operator and maintenance personnel in the ATM did the operation management and maintenance that will record the operation state of ATM (including normal and non normal working condition). The transaction flow account printer usually adopts the needle type printer, which is the printing result of the needle printer can be kept for a long time, which is required for the bank to keep the original transaction records for a long time.

(2) the transaction receipt printer which is every ATM must configure the printer, its function is to complete each transaction at the ATM, for the customer to print a transaction receipt. Some trading items such as query transactions can not print the transaction slip. The transaction receipt printer can use needle type, can also be used in thermal printing mode. The printing speed of the thermosensitive printer is faster, and the graphics can be printed, but the cost is high.

(3) a bankbook printer must be equipped with a bankbook if the ATM is provided with a deposit and withdrawal function using a passbook. Otherwise, the bankbook printer will be provided to the bank in the form of an optional piece. It is best to print Chinese in Chinese and can be automatically turned over.

(4) the bill printer is a printer specially designed for printing credit card statements, which can be printed in a wide format and printed in the form of reports. In the domestic use of the bill printer must be able to print Chinese, otherwise there is no practical value. 

(5) invoice printer is a printer specially designed for payment business. It prints with pre printed printed paper roll as printing medium and according to certain format. The structure and function of receipt printer, does not have what difference.