Common faults and solutions of keyboard

- Mar 11, 2018-

No response to a key or key

(1) key film concave cup poor elasticity

(2) check whether the mouse cut line information, if this is a new installation machine, check signal wire break off.

(3) check whether the connection between the keyboard module and the I/O board is normal.

(4) if the 56XX ATM is a BAPE board deadlock, the SW8 on the board can be placed in the ON position, the system is reset, and the SW8 on the board will be reset to OFF after the self check is passed.

(5) replace the core film in the keyboard.

(6) change the keyboard control board. At startup, there is no keyboard hint. ATM downtime (S4 CKM Keyboard Not Attachey, System Halted) (1) HI-BAPE plate clearance NVRAM (SW3, 8 HI-BAPE) or replacement. (2) the SDC line of PC to the miscellaneous equipment board is loose or broken.

(3) fault of DC power supply. Other module DC power supply is not normal or the peripheral power distribution line is short circuited. The customer's keyboard perm is usually caused by the failure of two thermosensitive probes of the silicon rubber heating pad or the damage of the control board. Temporary solution: remove the 24V power plug to the heating pad control board. Perm of the operator panel film

When the digital key and the function key are short circuited, the film should be replaced.