Construction Bank to strengthen ATM management

- Mar 11, 2018-

Yangquan branch of China Construction Bank to strengthen the safety management of the self-service facilities, multi-channel, multi dimension leak filled, effectively prevent the risk of internal and external cases.

Strengthen the awareness of prevention. The bank will use morning and weekly meeting to seriously study the bank regulations, enhance the perceptual knowledge of the staff, the front-line staff for self-service banking and ATM Security knowledge from perceptual to rational, from individual to comprehensive, from scattered to the system, better carding, collection and promotion, to strengthen the use of line outlets and from security the buffet line network centralized monitoring system, focusing on the external risks.

Strengthening the key to operation. The line carefully in accordance with the ATM process of standardized operation, ATM cash business, must implement double management in electronic camera monitoring, safe, and adhere to the double key password stored respectively, single pass, two times a day and the implementation of special inspection system, priority check exit, slot, keyboard password abnormality, and other parts whether there is a false posted notices, is installed in the ATM machine card reader, keyboard password and a miniature camera etc., and registration and inspection records, found problems in a timely manner, to ensure the safe operation of self-service equipment.

Strengthen the risk investigation. The bank loan business operation risk investigation activities, in-depth investigation of ATM operation risks, through to the case, the typical cases and other forms to show the risks, the courage to discover problems, and the problems found timely implementation of the rectification, to prevent repeated investigations repeat offenders, eliminate potential risks.