Cash intelligent equipment or leading industry development

- Jun 12, 2018-

In 2017, domestic ATM manufacturers dominated the domestic market, and radio and television express, Heng Yin finance and Yihua accounted for the top three of the market share. Among them, radio and television express continued to maintain the leading position in the domestic cash equipment market, and the share market of the hang Yin financial market continued to rise, ranking second. The market concentration has been further improved, and the top two manufacturers have already occupied more than half of the market share. The market pattern of "the South has broad and radio communication, and the North has the hang silver finance" is further stable.

From 2017 industry survey data, compared to 2016, in the three camps, Hitachi market share fell out of the first three, other Japanese, European and American brands and other foreign brands basically fade out of the domestic market, domestic brands occupy the absolute market share of domestic cash equipment.

The domestic manufacturers, such as Heng Yin finance, Dongxin and other domestic manufacturers, have promoted cash type financial self-service equipment to promote the transformation and upgrading of cash type financial self-help equipment for the demand of smart banks, launch cash super cabinet, high speed access cash machines and other cash intelligent equipment, speed up the pace of "machine liberated people". Under the aid of machine, the business process of network network is rebuilt, and gradually to the line and self. Help channel migration. It is reported that the Guangdong branch of the Agricultural Bank of China is constantly increasing the use of new electronic technology and intelligent equipment. It is the first to blow the horn of the "machine liberate" of the bank network and the more than 4000 cash super cabinet, which greatly improves the customer experience and the efficiency of business processing, and realizes the rate of 97.94% and the high cabinet teller business. The volume pressure drop is 50%, the customer waiting time is reduced by 2/3, providing customers with comprehensive, high-quality, efficient and intelligent financial services.

With the face recognition, venous verification, iris recognition and other biometric techniques used more and more widely in financial self-service equipment, the efficiency and security of ATM have been greatly improved. With the slow growth of traditional ATM demand, it has the functions of large and high speed access, card, transfer, inquiry, and return printing. The upgrades of cash intelligent equipment, such as tickets, purchase of financial management and financial evaluation, will become more and more popular in the market and lead the development of the industry.