Don't want to change the truth through the ATM's so-called loopholes

- Mar 11, 2018-

A wonderful thing happened on an access fund machine of the Bank of Yinzhou, Yunlong branch, self-help bank.

This afternoon, there is no money in this ATM machine, the staff to add money. Open the machine, but found that the waste of two hundred dollar bills in cash box. A check, the ATM machine has a "non - identification record", that is to say, the two bills, one may be false. Counting machine check, right enough.

In general, the money in the ATM cash box is that the client forgets to take the money and the machine to swallow it when it takes money. So, why is there a fake one?

The staff feel that there is a strange thing, immediately pick up the monitoring and check.

In the monitoring, at 7:40 in the morning, a young man came to a ATM machine and looked around and came to the next machine. He inserted the bank card and took 200 yuan.  Money appeared in the mouth after the man take note, secretive pulled out a wallet, quickly ATM money machine just spit out the transfer of packets.

Then, he quietly waiting for the machine will return the money to swallow, take leave.

The police have been involved in the investigation

After watching the monitor, the staff immediately understood what had happened and immediately alerts the police. For such a wonderful work, the bank staff and the police said it was the first time to see it.

The man's money was swallowed and did not contact the bank. Police analysis, the man should think, just do this substitution, 200 yuan is ATM machine swallowed back, the money will be back to his own account, you can easily to leave for real.

However, after the investigation, the police found that the bank card used by men's withdrawals and the registered owners are not himself, so it is difficult to contact them immediately. At present, the police are further involved in the investigation of the case.

ATM opportunities to understand deception

So, how does the ATM machine understand the "false change" trick? Bank workers say the ATM is the two independent line. The cartons are separated by providing money and banknote boxes and saving money to save money.  On the depositor, the other box is used to collect the deposit.

Under normal circumstances, the withdrawals' forgotten banknotes are swallowed up by the ATM machine, and the money will earn special waste boxes. In the process, ATM machines also need to identify coins. If the ATM finds that the money is abnormal, it will leave a "non - recognized record".

Later, the bank staff in the check box, found this "no identification record", will pay special attention to check the true and false coins. Basically, if the recovery to the waste money box in real money, the staff will check through the withdrawal process, then contact the customer and check the amount of the card number. After the confirmation, the money will be returned to the bank card of the withdrawal.

Therefore, it is impossible to change the truth from the so-called "loopholes" of the ATM machine. And now, every bank's ATM has been installed in front of the monitor, and any small action will be taken clearly, and there is no escape.