Fault of LVDT Shaft

- Apr 18, 2018-

As an enterprise for repairing and remanufacturing ATM parts, we see a lot of defective inventory.  Sometimes the spare parts wore out because of constant usage and lack of maintenance. However, quality problem also lead to defective product.

As the core of NCR ATM,  LVDT shaft´╝îresponsible for measuring the thickness of banknotes in ATM and didn't allocating double tickets. ATM machine will stop working if LVDT fails.

Normally, it will be the moving part of the LVDT shaft (flange bearing). These parts will wear out and eventually need to be replaced, but the percentage increase of the LVDT shaft we have seen in the past year has no problem with the flange bearing. On the contrary, they came in because the shaft itself has been corroded. We think this is a continuing trend.

The LVDT shaft used to be made of steel and treated with zinc phosphate. Anti-rust, their service life is much longer than the actual ATM that contains it. The new LVDT shafts we see still contain steel cores; however, they are now plated with a less durable material. The decline in material quality has reduced the service life of the shaft from an average of twenty years to three years.

When we first saw LDVT appear on the same issue, we began to manufacture our own products. We know we need to go deep into our manufacturing process so that we can provide LVDTs for the standards we think they need.

After several months of design, we are now able to produce LVDT shafts that are superior to many of the corrosion LVDTs we saw for repair. Our LDVT shafts are precision machined using the latest manufacturing technology, zinc phosphate plating, and rollers made from solid steel, greatly extending the service life.

We manufacture these LVDT shafts in such a way to ensure that our customers do not have to pay huge fees to maintain the same quality as before. We can do this because we have a history of following the same process for other ATM components; we manufacture our own products to improve their quality and reliability.

In a market with low quality replacement parts, we understand that our customers need to be able to keep ATM machines up and running as long as possible, and intend to release more technical bulletins, for example, if we find other similar quality issues. .