How to turn on and close the power of the ATM

- Mar 11, 2018-

A power switch next to the PC module in the top box should be used to open and close the ATM power. When necessary, the main plug can be used to cut off the power of the ATM. Please refer to the application of the following parts of UPS. To open or close the ATM power supply:

1. unlock the ATM set-top box.

2. close the ATM application according to the operating program within your organization. The 3. power switch is located next to the PC module in the set-top box. Press the switch to the required position: off (press the switch on the'0'side) or on (press the switch on the'1' side).

After opening the ATM power, ATM needs to take a few minutes to load all the software and start displaying the application. Before ATM completes its charging program and begins to display the application or supervision menu, do not try to load the paper into the printer 4. to lock the ATM set-top box.