Infrared photoelectric sensor

- Oct 31, 2018-

    (1)Use of infrared photoelectric sensor

    This kind of sensor is the most used optoelectronic component of ATM. It is used by almost every peripheral sub-module. Its working tasks are:

 Detect the transfer process of banknotes, envelopes, magnetic cards and printing paper.

 Mechanical device rotation timing.

 Mechanical device displacement measurement.

    (2) Working principle of infrared photoelectric sensor:

    The receiver receives a change in infrared light that causes a voltage change in the measurement circuit.

    (3) Features of infrared photoelectric sensor:

 Infrared photoelectric sensor can be made in a small volume, and has a long working life and stable and reliable performance. Therefore, manufacturers use such sensors in large quantities.

 The interface between the infrared photoelectric sensor and the detection circuit is simple, which can save production costs.

 Infrared photoelectric sensor responds quickly and has high detection accuracy, which is in line with the working requirements of ATM.

    (4) Structure of infrared photoelectric sensor

    The infrared photoelectric sensor is structurally divided into two parts:

The first part is a light-emitting element, which is generally a gallium arsenide infrared light-emitting diode and a gallium phosphide infrared light-emitting diode.

The second part is a photosensitive element, and these photosensitive elements are generally silicon semiconductor elements that can absorb infrared rays with high efficiency.

(5) Working mode of infrared photoelectric sensor