Magnetic card and IC card reading writing module

- May 31, 2018-

This module is used to read / write data in customer magnetic card or IC card. Because IC cards are more and more widely used, many module manufacturers have reserved IC card read / write function when producing this module. This module is a interface to the transaction operation of the customer control ATM, and the module is a security set to check whether the customer's identity is legally trading. The module can not only read the data and information in the magnetic card and IC card, but also write back the third magnetic track of the magnetic card or the corresponding recording area of the IC card by the result of the client's operation on the ATM card. keyboard and data encryption module

(1) customer keyboard

The keyboard is usually made up of three parts: a keyboard with 16 keys and two keyboards with 4 keys. The 16 key keyboard is a function key used to enter the amount of money for customers, and has the functions of "confirm", "Cancel" and "correct". The 4 key keyboard is usually installed on both sides of the CRT display screen so that customers can choose transaction items.

(2) encryption module

There are two ways of using this module. If it is used alone, its function is to encrypt and decode the data of the communication when the ATM is communicating with the bank host. If it is used together with the client keyboard, it can encrypt all the information entered by the customer besides the above functions.