NMD Dispenser

- Apr 12, 2018-

NMD Dispenser

With the lowest reject rate on the market, the Glory NMD100 guarantees maximum uptime and consistent, front or rear delivery of up to 100 banknotes per bundle. Offering up to eight cassettes, each holding up to 3000 notes, the NMD100 provides extensive functionality and flexibility for your customers wherever they are deploying your solutions.


1.DIMENSIONS: 530mm* × 292mm × 549mm

height shown for 2 denomination with 85mm throat extension, for each additional denomination add 128mm

2.SPEED RANGE: 7-8 notes per second


i.1 to 8 cassettes confi gurable

ii.Short cassette: 240mm or 2,000 banknotes

iii.Long cassette: 340mm or 3,000 banknotes

iv.A separate reject cassette: 250 banknotes

4. MAXIMUM TRANSACTION SIZE: 100 ATM fit banknotes




Up to eight flexible, tamperproof cassettes

High   capacity cassettes can be individually replenished for a highly secure cash environment

Front or rear access bundle delivery

Flexible integration options minimises servicing costs and increases availability.

High Performance Feed delivers consistent   and durable note feeding and handling

Fast transactions for consumers and simple to maintain for deployers


Front or rear access bundle delivery – With easily reconfigurable front or rear service application, the NMD100 reduces stock holding costs and simplifies inventory management. Flexible integration options minimises servicing costs and increases availability. Cassette flexibility – The NMD100 offers eight high capacity cassettes, each holding up to 3000 notes each. Each cassette can be individually replenished and is available in several formats. This ensures increased ATM uptime and CIT collection efficiency, as well as delivering complete flexibility and ease of integration to your customers. For increased efficiency, a sealable reject vault or tray is also available. Intelligent Double Detection IDD™ – Offers unbeatable accuracy and consistent detection of doubles even with severely degraded notes. No mechanical adjustments or intervention necessary. High Performance Feed HPF™ – Provides consistent and durable feeding, reliable handling of notes of all conditions and the ability to process notes without causing damage. Serial Note Recognition SNR – With a recognition accuracy of over 98%, Glory SNR identifies every banknote to reduce any risk to you and your business. The NMD100 is designed in accordance with the recommendations of leading International Standards Organisations including RoHS, UL and CE to allow for final approval when installed in complete systems.