wincor 18

- Jun 22, 2018-

In the maintenance, we often encounter the phenomenon of 18. Sometimes it is normal to take out the banknote or reset it. But sometimes even replace V module, control board, platform accessories and so on. When it comes to this time, don't change the accessories in a hurry, because the sensor does have an aging phenomenon, but it is seldom bad. It is more complicated to change the time and efficiency blindly. Sometimes it is possible to solve this problem by pulling out DDU or pulling out the waste money box to do 3 digging tests. This method can also be successful, but the probability is not large.

After many experiments, clearing the control panel data has a higher effect on this problem. There are many ways to introduce this method in ATMBOX. First, discharge the control panel. In the case of power failure, it is better to pull out all the money boxes, including the waste money box, and pull the ninth jumpers off the control board for 5-9 minutes. And then put it on, electricity. After self inspection, the control board will show 11. This indicates that the removal is successful, indicating that the other is failed. In this case, the device will be restarted, the host will automatically update the firmware to the control board, this time the waiting time is a little longer, do not break the power, the download will show 14 after the download. At this point, you need to enter Kdig to configure the money box before it can be used normally. The whole process is 40 minutes or so.

It is worth noting that if the fault code is still displayed, then one of the modules is malfunction, the failure module must be replaced and the above steps may need to be repeated. In addition, there are no parts in the field or not to determine whether the module is wrong, can be used by using a V module to try, a V module, if still reported fault code, to clear the motherboard data work, and then another try. But the whole process is time consuming.

Similarly, this problem can also be applied to similar issues such as 8x, 4x and 3x. I analyze the reason that 18 and other codes are difficult to remove because of the failure to automatically reset the machine when the machine is repaired.