reduce ATM?

- Jul 05, 2018-

Xinhua news agency, Tokyo, Tokyo, February (Xinhua Ma Cao ran Qian Zheng) three major Japanese banks MITSUBISHI Tokyo UFJ, Mitsui Sumitomo and Mizuho recently announced that the joint development of two-dimensional code payment system, the unification of three banks two-dimensional code payment technical standards, together to promote cash free payment.

According to Japanese media reported on 27, three banks will set up a joint venture, responsible for the development and operation of the two-dimensional code payment system, the payment system will be put into use in 2019.

The report says the payment system developed by three banks will be open to other banks, welcoming other banks to join in, using a unified two-dimensional code payment standard.

Analysts pointed out that the popularity of two-dimensional code payment is very high in China. In recent years, the number of Chinese tourists to Japan is increasing, and more and more Japanese shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels have introduced Alipay and WeChat scavenging payment.

Although the scavenging payment has become an interesting new thing, the current Japanese society is mainly paid in cash, and many people are still wary of the payment of two-dimensional code. The three largest banks in Japan want to improve the security of payment through unified system development, dispel public doubts and promote the cash - free payment process in Japan through a unified standard.

The three big banks also believe that the promotion of two-dimensional code payment will effectively reduce the cost of bank operation, reduce the number of ATM, and the configuration of the terminal card machine is also expected to be simplified.