South Korea's ATM popularity ranks first in the world

- Mar 11, 2018-

According to the world bank's statistics at the end of 2012, Korea has 100 thousand people sharing 282 automated teller machines and its high penetration rate exceeds that of Canada (205) and Portugal (185). The 4-7 place of ATM penetration rate is Russia (182), the US (173), Australia (166) and Spain (138), and Japan and the UK are ranked eighth, ninth by 128 and 124 respectively.

It is reported that, from the statistical results, there is no trend that the use of ATM in developed countries has been replaced by online banking or mobile banking. Instead, some of the less developed countries show an unbalanced distribution of ATM.  100 thousand people in Burma share 0.09 ATM machines, and 100 thousand people in some African countries share 1 ATM machines, and the construction of consumer infrastructure is relatively backward.

When you travel abroad, the swap is a problem we are very concerned, most of the businesses in South Korea can brush UnionPay card, it also solves many friends are not willing to carry large amounts of cash out of the question. But there will also be some places where we can't swipe cards. We need to use cash, or if you shop too excitedly, how can we get Korean won quickly in Korea when we spend all the cash? Today, Anna has prepared a small tip to help you understand the way in Korea to get money from the Bank of Korea's Bank ATM by the Bank of Korea.

Another point to say is that the exchange rate withdrawn from UnionPay card is very cost-effective, and the fee is different from each bank. The cost of each card, like the Bank of China, is only 12 yuan RMB, which is much more economical than using the RMB in the bank.

Seoul, let's take a look at some of the most common banks in Korea.

Woori Bank, is the most open UnionPay card withdrawals business bank in the early ATM, Anna tried many banks, although some machines clearly marked UnionPay but not good, but always very smooth use of Woori bank.

Korea exchange bank, specializes in swaps and other businesses, such as: South Korean Hana Bank, National Bank of Korea, South Korea Shinhan bank, NACF bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, these are more common in the south bank, ATM these banks generally can use UnionPay card to withdraw cash. When you see these banks, you can go to the ATM machine.

Just pay attention to the fact that the daily withdrawal limit is 10000 yuan RMB, while the Korean ATM can only get 1 million yuan per time, that is to say, it can only pick up almost 1 million 600 thousand Korean won every day, and it should be taken two times a day. Because each of the withdrawals will have 12 yuan or more formalities, so you can take the money as needed.