The structure and principle of the ATM machine

- May 08, 2018-

Automatic teller machine, also known as ATM, is the abbreviation of Automatic Teller Machine, meaning ATM, because most of it is used for withdrawals, also known as ATM. It is a highly precise mechanical and electrical integration device, using magnetic code card or smart card to realize the self-service of financial transactions, instead of the work of the bank counter personnel. It can extract cash, check the balance of deposit, carry out funds transfer between accounts, check the balance and other work, and can also carry out cash deposit (real time entry), check deposit (domestic no), bankbook supplement, intermediary business and so on. Card holders can use credit cards or savings cards, according to the password for automatic withdrawals, inquiry balance, transfer, cash deposits, passbooks to fill up, the purchase of funds, change the password, pay phone fees and other services.

ATM can be divided into two types: cash machine and access machine. Teller machines are often old models more than 10 years ago. They are not safe enough. They are now being replaced by an integrated deposit and withdrawal machine.

The lower part of the ATM is a safe with the most important components of ATM: money box and computer.

Money box: it is a place to put money, usually 4 money boxes, divided into 3 cash boxes and 1 deposit boxes (not only deposits, counterfeit banknotes into the box). There are 5 banknotes on individual models. The design capacity of each banknote is 30wRMB, which refers to the new banknote. The bank usually puts the old money in it. The banknote will be a little thicker, so each bank is usually more than 20 wRMB.

Computer: windowsXP system, different from the common XP, is a customized XP system specially designed for Microsoft. The computer itself is not high, and does not need to be too high. The interface of the access to the money operation is a software running on the windowsXP, similar to the office and other tools, but the software can control the ATM access. Sometimes programs exit exceptionally, you can see the familiar Windows desktop or Dos interface on the ATM screen.

The first half of the ATM will not store the money, and the most is a moment of deposit for a moment. So now and again, I see a news report that someone is angry at a ATM screen / a bank note trying to get money.

The most important part of the first half of ATM is the banknote checking template. The location is a few centimeters inside the outlet of the ATM body.

Banknote template (BV): the core technology of ATM manufacturer is 100% correct, absolutely no problem. Because no one allowed himself to receive a counterfeit banknote. Other parts of ATM manufacturers abroad can be produced in China, but the checking module must be produced in their own country. If a foreign ATM sells 20W, its check module is worth several w. And the largest ATM manufacturer in China sells a ATM to sell a 15W, which is a few cheaper than foreign w because its verification module is not as good as foreign, and the gas is insufficient.