The type of NCR Card Reader

- Mar 11, 2018-

At present, there are 3 kinds of card reader used by NCR machines: 345, 3Q5, 3Q8. 345 of them, the 3Q5 card reader is connected to the miscellaneous device board through the SDC line, and the two kinds of card reader can be used interchangeably. The 3Q8 card reader is connected to the serial port 2 by the serial port

Read the composition of the card reader card reader by reading head, body part, control panel parts

Reading head

Reading head is mainly composed of a card width detection switch, reading head, gate position detection switch and an electromagnet gate open. Card width detection switch: the main check is whether the inserted magnetic card is in line with the standard. The switch is disconnected normally; when the card is inserted, the switch is switched on. Read head: mainly to detect the insertion card magnetic stripe information standard. Gate position detection switch: check whether the gate is open. The switch is closed under normal condition.  The card reader in the normal state to be inserted into the card must meet 2 conditions: the card width detection switch to detect card insertion head detects the magnetic stripe information; reading. When the machine is not inserted into the card and the status of the service should focus on examination of reading head. When the gate position detection switch detects that the gate has been in the open position, the card reader will be wrong and the machine is in a pause service state.

Fuselage part

The fuselage is mainly composed of sensors, read and write head, DC motor, transmission part, IC card reading and writing module (part of the card reader has this function). The main functions of each part are as follows: sensor: there are 4 pairs of photoelectric sensors in the reader, the location of the detection card in the card reader and the detection of whether there is a card in the card reader. Read and write head: read and write the magnetic track information on the magnetic card. The current standard is to read 1, 2, 3 magnetic tracks and write 3 magnetic tracks. DC motor: 24V DC motor, which provides power for the magnetic card to move in the card reader. Transmission part: mainly composed of rubber wheel, belt, bearing group and so on. It is responsible for moving the magnetic card around the track at a certain speed. IC card reading and writing components: read and write a magnetic card with IC chip. When the photoelectric sensor is blocked, the card reader is wrong, and the machine will suspend the service. When the wear of the rubber wheel is serious, the card will be difficult to move in the card reader.

Reading and writing magnetic head wear seriously will cause difficulty in reading and writing magnetic strip information, showing that you can not identify your card, please contact the issuing bank. There is a side steel sheet in the channel. When the wear is serious, it will cause difficulty in returning card and more card. The control board of the 345 and 3Q5 card reader of the 3.2.3 control board has 2 blocks: the SDC interface board and the card reader control board. The 3Q8 card reader's control board has only one block: the serial interface and the control board are integrated on a board.