The withdrawal operation of the NMD 100 module

- Nov 07, 2018-

The withdrawal operation of the NMD 100 module is as follows:

1. The IPC sends a withdrawal operation instruction to the NMD100, which contains information such as which banknotes to take from the cash box.

2. When the central controller (CMC) of the NMD 100 receives the command, it issues a banknote operation command to the single banknote counting device (MD) and the banknote transport controller (NFC) at the location of the cash box according to the content of the command.

3. Each NFC commands the cash collection motor of each cash box to start and drives the corresponding banknote to rotate. The banknote wheel rotates and rubs the banknotes in the money box, so that the banknotes are ejected outside the cash box and sent to the banknote transporter (NFU).

4. The banknotes are sent to the banknote checker (NQU) via NFU for inspection and verification of the thickness and size of the banknotes.

5. If the banknote check is verified, it is sent to the banknote stacker (NSU) by the banknote splitter (NDU) for stacking.

6. If the banknote check verification fails, it is sent to the banknote recycling bin (RV) by the NDU.

7. Until the number of banknotes sucked out by each cash drawer counter is equal to the number of withdrawals, the cash drawers will stop operating. At this time, the banknote output device (SP) of the banknote output device (SP) will be clamped from the NSU. Banknotes, and awaiting the output banknote order issued by CMC.

8. When the banknote output controller (SPC) receives the output banknote command from the CMC, the SPC will command the BCU's motor to rotate, and at the same time control the steering brake action of the BCU motion track, so that the BCU can follow the orbital motion of the output banknote. To the banknote exit (BOU), when the BCU goes to the BOU, the SPC has ordered the gate of the cash gate to open, and the BCU stays at the BOU, waiting for the banknote to be taken away.

9. At the same time, the SPC starts counting. If the banknote is still not taken away within the time specified by the program, the SPC sends an instruction to the BCU to recycle the banknote, the BCU's motor rotates, and the motor of the track steering brake drives the steering gate, so that the BCU It is possible to move to the RV in accordance with the track of the recovered banknote and to feed the entire banknote into the RV.

10. After the module completes all operations, it will automatically return to the initial state, waiting for the next operation command.

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