The working process of the ticket (needle) printer :

- Nov 05, 2018-

1. The industrial computer issues a print order to the receipt printer.

2. After the receipt printer receives the print command through the “serial distributor”, the following operations will be performed:

(1) The control board drives the main motor to rotate through the relevant drive circuit to drive the carriage movement of the print head.

(2) The control board calls the Chinese and English fonts, and drives the print needle movement of the print head through the relevant drive circuit.

(3) The control board drives the electromagnetic solenoid through the relevant driving circuit to pull the related paper feeding mechanism to move the paper roll forward by one line.

(4) If the program needs to convert color printing, the control panel will drive another electromagnetic solenoid through the relevant driving circuit to absorb the relevant ribbon conversion mechanism to make the print head print another color.

(5) When the receipt is printed, the control panel will detect the position of the black mark through the “black bar sensor”, drive another motor action through the relevant drive circuit, and drive the paper cutter to print. The receipt is cut to a certain size.

(6) When the receipt is cut, the control panel drives the third motor to rotate through the associated drive circuit, thereby driving the receipt transport mechanism to rotate, and sending the receipt to the "opening of the receipt".

3. The Print Head Positioning Switch detects and controls the position of the print head to the left and right.

4. The “paperless sensor” detects if the paper roll of the receipt has run out. When the paper roll runs out, it sends a “paperless signal” to the control panel and is illuminated by the “U30” LED on the control panel. The control panel will then disable all printing operations.