Type of ATM - lower part

- May 16, 2018-

The most important part of the first half of ATM is the banknote checking template. The location is a few centimeters inside the outlet of the ATM body. Banknote template (BV): the core technology of ATM manufacturer is 100% correct, absolutely no problem. Because no one allowed himself to receive a counterfeit banknote. Other parts of ATM manufacturers abroad can be produced in China, but the checking module must be produced in their own country. If a foreign ATM sells 20W, its banknote checking module will be worth tens of thousands.

In addition to a point, the deposit and withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals are to check money, and to collect money to check money once, deposit checking two times.

  1. withdrawals will not take false money. The bank attaches great importance to this matter, and I haven't heard from the bank to complain about it for several years. (some teller machines are more than 10 years old, and they should be eliminated.

  2. when media reports or deposits are not reported, it is impossible to replace the real ones with false ones. It has been in China for many years, and thousands of ATM are distributed throughout the country. There are many bad effects in this kind of loophole, and the ATM practitioners are directly laid off.

Card reader: a module that reads a magnetic card and IC card.

Keyboard: the keyboard that enters the password. The hardware encryption is used and the security is very high.