What two kinds of cassette are there in the NCR ATM

- Mar 11, 2018-

The NCR machine has two kinds of banknote boxes: the waste banknote and the banknote box. A banknote: a bank note that is considered unqualified or recovered from a banknote module. Banknote: a bank note that is added to the bank for the customer. Note box logo use Reed / permanent magnet sensor (up to 4 of the cash box / cash box set) ID was 1, 2, 3 or 4, and mark in the money box beside the corresponding relationship between the cash box handle; ID and par value is determined by the ATMC, but the money box should be loaded according to the bill Chao long, wide bills installed one of the Note Guide in advance. One less sensor using reed / permanent magnet sensor for the detection of cash less, according to the small banknote box (the note low block) magnet installed in two ways: 75 + 50 set 200 + 50 cassettes into the machine after money box in front of the Door Shutter open, push the bill by the banknote box Push Door forward, to maintain a certain pressure, make money and contact chuck.