Brush your face to get cash

- Jun 20, 2018-

Once upon a time, the bank card is a necessary product for people to take cash on the ATM machine. However, with the progress of financial science and technology, more and more "card free" method is entering the daily life.

After China Merchants Bank, the recent Agricultural Bank and Construction Bank have announced the "brush face withdrawal" function of the ATM machine in some cities and outlets, which also means that the public has obtained a new way of taking cash without carrying a bank card. This period, the financial investment newspaper specially takes inventory of the existing ATM free card withdrawals and precautions to provide readers.


Brush the face to cash in: pay attention to whether it needs to be opened in advance

You don't need to bring a bank card or ID card, you don't need to enter a bank account, you can withdraw money by "brush your face". Recently, this way of withdrawals has aroused renewed concern. "Brush face" is not a new thing, at the end of 2016, China Merchants Bank officially announced that in the country's 106 cities nearly 1000 ATM machine to achieve the "brush face" withdrawal function. By November 2017, the bank that realized this function had expanded to three of the Agricultural Bank and the Construction Bank, which also meant that more bank users could experience the convenience of a card - free withdrawal through "brush face".

So, how should the "brush face" be taken? Is it convenient? Reporters in the Agricultural Bank of Chengdu, a network of experience. For the user, if you need to use "brush face", you should first select the ATM machine with "brush face withdrawal" function, and click the "brush face withdrawal" button, then enter the face recognition interface, prompting the teller to face the camera, exposing the forehead, the free crown, the face without blocking, and maintaining the distance of 50 centimeters with the camera. .

After a smooth identification, the whole process is very fast after entering the user's ID card number or cell phone number according to the hint, and then entering the cipher to enter the selection page of the account.

However, it should be noted that before using the "brush face" withdrawal function, we need to pay attention to whether the issuing bank needs to be opened. At present, the Agricultural Bank "brush face withdrawal" function does not need to be opened; China Merchants Bank and Construction Bank need to be opened in the mobile bank first, of which China Merchants Bank process is to land mobile bank, click "I" - "all", "ATM brush face withdrawal" in "assistant"; construction bank needs to be on the mobile bank APP first. Open the brush face verification, and then scan the ATM machine two-dimensional code, in accordance with the instructions in order to input the amount of money, and compared to the App scene box to make the corresponding action, and finally on the ATM to enter the withdrawal password.

"Brush face withdrawal" has a certain limit, China Merchants Bank on the same day a single card accumulative amount of 3000 yuan; Agricultural Bank of a daily single pen not more than 3000 yuan, the cumulative no more than 10000 yuan, and no more than 5 times a single day.