NCR 6651 Selfserv 25 PC Core

Brand: NCR
Category: NCR Dispenser
Part Number:445-0752090
Description: NCR 6651 PC Core

Product Details

Product Description
Product name
NCR 6622 ATM power supply 343W
Parts P/N
009-0025115 009-0028269
New original/USED
Used in
NCR 6622
Stock status
in stock
90 days

445-0740335 NCR 6622 ATM power supply 343W445-0715025

NCR 6622 Power Supply 343W

ATM Machine Sales

ATM service companies can achieve savings of up to 70% off the OEM's price by choosing to invest in one of TestLink's remanufactured terminals. This is especially worthwhile when new technologies such as Intelligent Depository are not required.

Maintenance Enablement

Longtop Group  ATM Maintenance Enablement service provides our customers with the tools needed to quickly enter the ATM Maintenance business. Using our extensive range of ATM services, you can now start bidding on maintenance contracts without having to develop extra competencies that would normally take significant time and money to establish yourself.

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