16 Kinds Of ATM Cash Machine Fraud, You Must Be Careful

- Apr 12, 2018-

It's common sense to be careful when using ATM machine to withdraw money, but if you think it's enough to prevent robbery, you are too naive. ATM fraud is becoming more and more creative now. You need to know the latest tricks and how to protect yourself.

A seemingly normal ATM machine does not mean that it has not been manipulated. Stealing information from cards, banknotes and intruding systems is already a common trick of fraudsters. And most of the time, they are usually very concealed.

If the device for stealing card information has been installed on the ATM machine, you can do very little, but you can avoid the trick by using only the ATM of the bank you trust, protecting your withdrawal password, and setting up any short message alerts of any transaction. If you are really deceived, it's urgent to notify your bank and freeze cards.

Here are some of the craziest ATM tricks. Don't think these are alarmist. After all, you have to protect your own money.

#1Sometimes it's not enough to shake the ATM machine

#2Check the card reader before inserting the card

#3A hole in the headphone can be a stolen card device.

#4Watch out for a hidden camera

#5This inexplicable and more gray box is actually stealing card device.

#6Be careful to see a split out of the banknote

#7The difference between true and false digital keyboard

#8The convex socket slot is problematic

#9Pinhole cameras are everywhere

#10The green objects above the slot can steal the card information.

#11Banknote equipment can also be false

#12Pay attention to the color of the button

#13The tampered digital keyboard will send stolen card information through SMS.

#14The camera can also be installed in the card reader

#15A device called Lebanon ring can prevent you from returning the card after you have completed the transaction.

#16Another type of card theft device