ATM Keyboard Download Camera Smart Protection Cabin Security Upgrade

- Sep 14, 2018-

At 1 pm on January 24, when a citizen of Wenzhou went to the ATM of the bank to withdraw money, he accidentally found a camera under the protective cover of the password keyboard, and a self-made card reader was installed in the card slot. When someone steals the depositor's bank card information and password, they will immediately report the alarm.


It is understood that this method is not the first time, and there are similar cases in the field. Bank staff reminded the public that the pinhole camera that comes with the bank self-service equipment is installed inside the equipment and integrated with the equipment. Once you find the added items, you must pay more attention to it. In particular, pay attention to three places: Whether there is a card reader installed in the slot, and whether there is a camera attached under the digital keyboard cover. In addition, the upper part of the display may be glued to the camera by illegal elements.

In the ATM machine security precautions, it basically stays in the following three ways: First, add a special-shaped bayonet (anti-recording) in the magnetic card input port; Second, install a anti-spy cover on the keyboard; Third, in the ATM machine Install the side panel. After the case occurs, the case can only be traced through video review and manual inspection, and it is impossible to prevent the case before the case occurs.

Nowadays, a new type of intelligent protection cabin is seamlessly integrated with the traditional video surveillance system, which will rationally optimize the system and comprehensively improve the security capability of the bank. It can realize the real-time alarm active prevention while meeting the actual needs of the current bank monitoring. Contain financial crimes against ATMs and self-service banks. Realizing remote, real-time, and intelligent defense-oriented monitoring systems in a true sense, closer to the actual needs of bank security, can provide protection for the life and property security of bank card users, reduce crime rates, and safeguard the interests of the public.

What functions does ATM intelligent protection, network monitoring and alarm joint system achieve?

Monitoring system - monitoring system has: pre-recording function, human body proximity recording function, vibration recording function, cash out recording function, cash distribution recording function, video blocking alarm function, video loss alarm and other functions.