ATM Maintenance In China: An Average Of Two Hours To Resolve The Fault

- Sep 18, 2018-

On the eve of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, a debate about the maintenance of ATM equipment in China and Japan in the industry has caused a lot of storms in the industry, and even caused widespread concern of the media and the public. According to a report on September 2, the foreign media (Japan Economic News) said that due to the imperfect maintenance system, it takes about one week for the ATM in China to fail. The Japanese ATM company that carries out ATM maintenance business will undertake the ATM fault business in China, and strive to achieve the same day maintenance as Japan in 2017.

Domestic industry insiders said that it is impossible to repair ATM faults for one week.


The news caused widespread criticism among netizens: "As a bank employee, I have to say which bank ATM is broken every time I have to repair it for a week. It is unheard of." "I have been in the bank for 20 years of ATM maintenance, but also from I haven’t encountered a low-level fault such as paper jam or banknotes for a week.” “A week ago, the customer gave you a countertop...”, and more people pointed out that it was aimed at hype and attracting eyeballs. Rumors.

What is the real situation of China's ATM maintenance? Domestic ATM manufacturers, Guangdian Express Financial Electronics professionals and bank-related professionals have conducted a detailed analysis of China's ATM maintenance.


Bank industry insiders: requires ATM operating rate of 96% or more

According to relevant persons in the banking industry, domestic banks have strict assessment mechanisms for the maintenance and management of ATM equipment. First of all, in selecting service providers, domestic banks have clear and rigorous assessment indicators, and will also conduct regular surveys and statistics on service quality. “In the professional assessment system, the operating rate of ATM equipment is an important indicator for assessing the operation and maintenance of ATM equipment.”

Domestic ATM maintenance vendors: solve problems within an average of 2 hours

For the specific fault repair time of the ATM, the frontline service engineers gave clearer and clearer standards. The operator of Guangdian Express said that “the operating rate of ATM is related to the daily financial services of ordinary people. As a service staff, we are responding to the fault repair of bank customers, and we must strictly implement the maintenance plan for half an hour, with an average of 1 hour. Arrive at the scene and solve the problem within 2 hours. Even if only the villages and towns that are restricted by traffic conditions or are restricted by bad weather conditions, they will reach a consensus with the bank customers, and the problem can be solved within 4 hours at the latest. China ATM repair has advantages in localized service outlets. For example, we cover more than 600 service outlets across the country, fully realizing rapid response speed and meeting the requirements of 'reporting for the day and repairing the same day'."