ATMs- Global Strategic Business Report

- Jun 23, 2018-

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2024. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in Thousand Units. 

The report profiles 26 companies including many key and niche players such as:

Diebold Nixdorf, Inc. (USA)

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (USA)


GRG Banking Equipment Co. Ltd. (China)

Guangzhou KingTeller Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

Hantle, Inc. (USA)

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. (Japan)

Itautec (Brazil)

Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc. (USA)

NCR Corporation (USA)

Renome-Smart LLC (Ukraine)

Key Topics Covered: 


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs): An Omnipresent Modern Convenience

ATMs to Remain at Forefront of Self-Service Banking

Next-Generation ATMs Bring Attention towards Channel Management

Modern ATMs: Much More than Just Cash Dispensing Machines

Future of ATMs

Improving Economy Buoys General Market Optimism

Years 2016 and 2017 in Retrospect

2018 Global Economic Outlook


Asia-Pacific Commands the ATM Market

Technological Advances Set ATM Market on Expansion Spree

Competitive Landscape

Intense Competition on the Cards for the Market Leaders

Financial Services Industry Witness Consolidation Trends

Multi-Vendor ATM Software: The New Norm

Demand for Multiple Services Transform ATM System Functionality

Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) to Essay Significant Role

Key Challenges for IADs

Shared Regional ATM Networks Resorting to Mergers and Acquisitions

Other Significant Trends


ATMs: Brimming with Youth at 50

Key Trends within ATMs Market

Ongoing Modernization

Means for Supporting Payments Option

Use of Data and Analytical Tools for Delivering Consumer Insights

Increase in Cash Deposits and Recycling

Entirely New Experiences

Cardless ATMs

Cash Recycling and Use of Multiple Denominations

New Functionalities

Measures to Counter Fraud





Unchallenged Dominance of Cash: A Strong Growth Driver

Mobile Technology Revolutionizes ATM Functionality

Increasing Importance of ATMs in Mobile Banking Era

Advancements in ATM Technology

Potential for Offering Omnichannel Experience

Increasing Popularity of Self-service Options

ATMs: the Preferred Option of FIs

Increasing Sales of Smartphones Promote ATM-Mobile Convergence

Contactless ATM Transactions: The Future of Banking

Contactless Card Readers

Robust Branch Automation Initiatives Offer Significant Growth Opportunities

Video Teller Machines to Head Branch Transformation

The Rise of Personal Teller Machines to Improve Operational Efficiency

Technology Advancements: Spearheading Growth

Remote Deposit Capture: A New Technology to Expedite Deposits at ATM

Improved Data Storage and Transmission Reduce ATM Service Costs

ATM Virtualization

Cloud Technology to Slash Data Storage Costs

4G-Connectivity to Improve ATM Efficiency

Triple DES and RKT Technologies

Requirements for Triple DES


Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)

Web-Based Technology

Wireless Technology in ATMs

Talking ATMs for Visually Handicapped

Novel ATM Technologies for Target Marketing

ATM Design Innovations

Select ATMs with Innovative Features

Continuous Rise in Off-Premise ATM Installations Worldwide Bode Well for the Market

ATM Security: Crucial to Improving Consumer Confidence

Security Measures by Leading ATM Makers

Recent Biometric Advancements in ATM Security

Fingerprint Scanners

Facial Recognition

Iris Recognition

Voice Recognition

Alternative Technologies to Improve ATM Security

ATM Fraud: A Global Menace

Currency and Card Fraud


Card Trapping/Fishing

Currency Trapping/Fishing

Logical/Data Attacks

Malware and Hacking

Physical Attacks

Innovative and Diverse Attacks Present Daunting Challenge for ATM Operators

Transition to Chip-Only Cards Set to Begin

ATM Malware

A Shift from Physical Attacks to Network-based Threats

Malware Targeting ATMs Since 2009

Net-work-Based Attack: The New Path to ATM Infection

ATM Standards: Work in Progress

Card-Based EACS: A Popular Choice of Access Control Strategy

Banking & Financial Services: One of the Most Promising End-use Sector for Card Based EACS

Expanding ATM Functionalities Enhance Self-Service Experience

Two-Way Video Communications

Two-Dimensional Bar Code Scanners

Additional Functionalities to Improve Revenue Streams

ATM Cash Recycling to Gain Prominence

PCI DSS Compliance Promotes Windows 7 Migration of ATMs

Outsourcing of Select ATM Operations in the Pipeline

Developing Countries to Turbo Charge Future Growth in the Market

Explosive Demand for ATM Cash Withdrawals Boosts ATM Installations

Rising Global Population Propels Demand for Banking and Financial Services

Expanding Middle Class Population in the Developing Countries Spur Market Growth

India & China: Important Potential Future Markets

ATM Fee on the Rise: A Cause for Concern

Banking Industry: A Macro Perspective

Heading Towards a Checkless Banking Society

Technology, Consolidation & Deregulation

ATMs: Forerunners in the Debit Card Market

Online Banking: A Convenient Mode of Banking

Masters in the Cashless Economy

Mobile Banking: The New Face of Banking

Role of ATMs in the Banking Sector

Changing Banking Strategies with Regard to ATMs

Promotional Schemes Increase ATM Usage

Transformation of Banking Industry Increases Value of Independent ATM Operators

Security Aspect and EMV

Credit Unions and Fraud Risks

Bank Transformation to Benefit ATM Operators

Opportunities for Independent ATMs

Smart ATMs to Bolster User Experience and Banking Industry Revenues

Smart ATMs

Leveraging Smartphone to Switch to Cardless Cash


The History of ATM

ATM Innovations in over 50 Years

Turning Point in the Banking History

Sustained Relevance and Profitability Depends on Adoption of Emerging Technologies to Innovate and Grow

Expanding the Utility of ATMs

Disruptive Technology in Retail Banking

The More Agile Pop-Up Branch

New Technologies and Innovations Imperative for Driving Growth in ATMs Market


ATMs: An Important Banking Product

ATMs Defined

Requirement of Standardized Availability Definitions

ATM Functioning

Definitions of Availability

Hardware Availability

Cardholder Availability

Authorization Availability

Measuring and Reporting

Environments in ATM Delivery System

Advantages of ATMs

Types of ATMs

ATMs: Instruments for Wresting Competitive Advantage

Size and Spread of ATM Network

Surcharges and Foreign Fees

Density of ATM Network Vs Level of Fees/Surcharges


NCR Launches New ATM Solutions

NCR Unveils SelfServ Select Edition (SE) Cash and SE Recycle ATMs

Hyosung to Launch FORCE Retail ATM

NCR Teams-up with CoinHub to Enable Users Cash Withdrawals from Cryptocurrency Account at ATM

Diebold Nixdorf Introduces New Banking Concept, Essence

MEPS to Launch 1,580 ATMs


Hyosung Announces Branch Transformation Partnership with Extraco Banks and Extraco Consulting

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions to Expand ATM Managed Services Business

RAKBANK Partners with Diebold Nixdorf to Launch Samsung Pay

GRGBanking Wins ATMs Tender Bid from ICBC for China and Overseas

Diebold Nixdorf's ATMs First to Support Windows 10 Operating System

Diebold Nixdorf Receives Contract from CB Bank for Systems, Software and Services

Diebold Nixdorf to Divest Legacy Diebold Business in the UK

Diebold Nixdorf Signs Joint Venture Agreement with Inspur Group to Provide Self-Service Solutions

Euronet Worldwide Acquires YourCash Europe

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Establishes Joint Venture with CEC to Provide ATM Services

Diebold Acquires Wincor Nixdorf AG

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Establishes ATM Sales Subsidiary in Indonesia

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Established Production Unit in India

Bank of America to Develop Cardless ATMs



Total Companies Profiled: 26 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 30)

The United States (9)

Japan (4)

Europe (6)

Germany (1)

The United Kingdom (1)

Italy (1)

Rest of Europe (3)

Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (11)