Authorities Remind Us To Use Caution At ATM's And Gas Pumps

- May 23, 2018-

CENTRAL N.Y. -- Authorities are reminding us to be cautious when using ATM machines and gas pumps.

State police in Oneonta said a skimming device was found inside an ATM over the weekend. 

Meanwhile, police in Canandaigua are looking into a skimming device found at an A-Plus Mini Mart gas pump. 

Skimming is a process in which someone attaches a device over the bank card insertion slot to access an account.  

Financial experts say you should always know your surroundings and regularly check your transaction statements. 

Also, take some extra time to check if the ATM you're using is loose or has been tampered with. 

"Actually put your hands on that on that card reader. If it's moving or something find a new ATM. If you just dont feel comfortable with it. If something doesnt feel right, because we all have used ATMs, and at gas pumps.  If something doesn't feel right, find another pump or an ATM," said Geddes Federal Operations and Electronic Banking Specialist Missy Daniels. 

State police in Oneonta said a skimming device was placed in the Community Bank ATM on May 18th.