China Has Mastered The Core Technology Of ATM Machines

- Oct 16, 2018-

ATM, means that the bank sets up a small machine in different locations, using a tape on a credit card-sized plastic card to record the customer's basic account information (usually a bank card), so that customers can carry out through the machine. Bank counter services such as deposits, deposits, transfers, etc., most customers refer to such self-service machines as ATMs.

      I believe that everyone should be familiar with bank ATM machines and use them frequently, but you know, one of the core technologies in this machine was once monopolized by foreign countries.


       In order to break this technical cycle, after the establishment of Guangzhou Guangdian Express Financial Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2005, the independent ATM movement was placed in the first place in research and development. Guangzhou Daily reported that in order to develop China's own core technology, Guangdian Express collected banknotes from various countries, collected banknotes from more than 100 countries, analyzed their anti-counterfeiting watermarks, anti-counterfeiting inks, security lines, anti-counterfeiting printing, magnetic distribution, etc. Every anti-counterfeiting technology point, research solutions.


       After 6 years of technology research and development, they finally broke through the core technology and became the third country to have ATM self-hosting core after Japan and Germany. But then the actual use is the most important. Without practice, only technology is impossible. Especially for this particular field.

       After 4 years of market promotion, in the ATM market in China in 2015, the sales share of Guangdian Express has exceeded 27%, ranking first in the country for eight consecutive years. At the same time, China's independent research and development of ATM movements has achieved high-speed and accurate banknotes. The breakthrough of transmission technology, in the speed of transmitting more than 10 banknotes per second, can ensure that the banknotes are completely and accurately stored in the cash box, or transmitted from the cash box.


       In addition, China's self-owned ATM movement can also identify the currency of more than 100 countries, can quickly identify the authenticity and denomination of banknotes, and implement all-round detection and processing of banknotes, and then the technology will be upgraded, users can pass the person Face recognition, finger vein recognition, and iris recognition for identity authentication and withdrawal.


         For a full 10 years, China has finally mastered the core technology of ATM machines.