Face Recognition ATM Officially Launched, Withdrawals And Farewell Bank Cards And Passwords

- Sep 12, 2018-

Recently, the biometric ATM of the Samsung SDS Nexsign technology using FIDO certification was officially launched.Users can use their biometrics to interact with banks and ATMs to complete withdrawals, replacing traditional withdrawals for bank cards and passwords.

The ATM withdrawal process with Samsung SDS Nexsign technology is as follows:

Before the ATM is withdrawn, the user needs to pick up the withdrawal request on his mobile banking app;

The user uses a Samsung S8 mobile phone near the ATM's NFC card reader;

After the verification is passed, the ATM will release the money, and the entire withdrawal process ends without the user's bank card and password.

Faster and safer is the main highlight of biometric authentication for ATM withdrawals. Identity authentication based on face recognition not only greatly increases the difficulty for criminals to steal user bank card information; at the same time, the speed of withdrawal is doubled compared with traditional ATM withdrawal methods.

At present, this new type of ATM is in the promotion stage, and it is in line with the development momentum of biometric identification. It is undoubted that it will be widely used and deployed in the future.

It is reported that face recognition is increasingly being used in payment and transaction confirmation scenarios. Last year, Mastercard launched a “pay-by-selfie” service in Europe. Users spend online and will be required to authenticate in the final payment process, including asking for fingerprints or face scanning. For the face, the user needs to face the mobile phone camera and blink, and the image is converted into a digital code and sent back to the Mastercard for authentication.