How To Strengthen The Safety Management Of ATM

- Mar 11, 2018-

1. select the appropriate ATM ATM installation environment and suitable installation can be divided into the type and wall type two, the former is mainly installed in the interior, the direct diversion counter traffic, reduce the pressure on the counter; the latter is mainly installed in the outdoor, 24 hours of foreign service, extended Business Hours. It can be divided into automatic teller machine with deposit function and automatic teller machine without deposit function according to function. The bank should choose the right according to the development plan of ATM business volume, customer demand and the bank's ATM location should follow the "two principles to make up for the lack of network, extend the Business Hours", and to choose the right environment installed ATM, ensure power supply stable environment, good grounding system, appropriate temperature and humidity and cleanliness of lightning protection measures for safe and stable communication lines, anti rain, solarization, rat proof, in addition to avoid high power ATM near the strong interference of electric equipment. In order to facilitate equipment management and system maintenance, we should try to choose the mainstream ATM with the same brand, and the type and operation system and development environment should be consistent and stable as far as possible.

2. power supply system on the automatic teller machine power system is the main factor influencing the normal operation of the automatic teller machine, ATM influence power supply are the main factors: the power system grounding quality, stability, power failure, power supply voltage transients and electrical source noise, ambient noise, power supply environment will affect the normal operation of ATM part of the impact of information literacy, processing, transmission, display, cause the program can not perform properly, or even destroy the components, damage information. One way to reduce the power system failure is to improve the quality of the grounding. The two is to improve the power quality through stabilizer, filter, UPS and other power protection devices. The three is to avoid frequent switch on ATM.

3. the influence of temperature and humidity and cleanliness on automatic teller machine is important factor affecting the normal operation of automatic teller machine. It should be maintained regularly. When the temperature is too high or too low, it will destroy the physical characteristics of the rubber transmission parts and directly affect the work of the ATM.  When the environment is too wet, the metal contact surface and contact surface atomization, chemical reaction resulting in poor contact, at the same time in this environment for a long time shutdown will make the increased corrosion caused by dispenser and some components such as corrosion, if the environment is too dry, easy to make the device heating and have a lot of electrostatic damage to the chip. Cleanliness will directly affect the life of automatic teller machine parts. The ATM is usually placed on the street, and the outside dust is large. The heat and static electricity generated by monitors and control panels will also adsorb dust. The dust will cause the following effects: the surface of the device from the outside world, resulting in poor heat dissipation, increase its temperature, and accelerated aging; the mechanical drive part dry, poor operation, increase the running resistance, make the driving current is too large; the dust will make the sensitivity of many sensor ATM decreased, the value of the quantitative and qualitative reaction the value of distortion, easy to cause the failure of automatic teller machine. This effect is particularly prominent in the large areas of wind sand and wet areas in the north of China and in the rainy and wet areas in the south.

4. the impact of automatic teller machine components on automatic teller machine parts life cycle and the limit of the number of use times are also affecting the automatic teller machine factors. As a result of long-term operation, causing parts damage caused by fault, such as the sensitivity of the sensor is decreased, the abrasion of the belt aging, spring failure, gear wear etc.; on the other hand due to ATM mechanical action more, coupled with the continuous accumulation of dust erosion, resulting in the automatic teller machine mechanical shift, such as micro switch is not flexible. And closed, metal connector loosening, friction wheel pressure, magnetic card reader and so on. These will affect the normal work of the ATM, and need to replace the damaged parts at the right time to ensure the normal operation of the ATM.

5. software fault impact on ATM software may exist such as defects and loopholes in the design, will affect the normal use of automatic teller machine, such as automatic cleaning operation log system can lead to the log file is increasing, and even cause the process or message queue congestion; software on the device the pseudo error status cannot be corrected or reset, often swallow card or the phenomenon of death; the operation interface and operation prompt friendly enough or frequent change of customer interface, operation is not convenient or even cause misoperation; in addition, the test plate, such as killing the virus is not timely upgrade disk will also cause malfunction of atm.

6. due to the impact of network failure on ATM ATM almost all Internet use, and ATMs have higher requirements of the communication environment, the communication quality of the network of automatic teller machine also has a decisive influence, a communication link is stable, the packet loss rate is in the normal range, bandwidth can meet the needs of the business, whether the timely exchange of data the host response speed, can adapt to the business peak, parameter configuration between the host processor, automatic teller machines, and with the network, whether the network unified (especially ATM cross processing), which will directly affect the normal operation of automatic teller machine.