NCR ATM Method Of Changing Two Parameters Of Banknote Thickness And Width

- Mar 11, 2018-

1. In the administrator status, press the blank key in the lower right corner of the operator keyboard to enter the diagnosis mode 2, select 1 (CONFIGURATION) -> choose 6 (DISPENSER BILL CONFIG), check the banknote displayed on the screen when the self-test of the banknote eject module is correct. Whether the parameters meet the parameters in the above table, change the parameters to the left of the screen

CHANGE. 3, TYPE 1 (No. 1 box) and TYPE 2 (No. 2 box) cash box put 100 yuan denomination of banknotes, TYPE 3 (No. 3 box) cash box put 50 yuan denomination of banknotes, specific parameters refer to the above table, Other types of cash box parameters do not need to be set, press the ENTER key. Note: Any banknote can only hold one banknote and cannot be mixed.