NCR ATM New Multifunction

- May 04, 2018-

Fifty years ago, the ATM machine began to appear. It was designed to make bank tellers lose his job. Since its launch, ATM has become more and more sophisticated, but their main function is to distribute cash. This function has not really changed. Therefore, for the ATM itself, with the online banking becoming more and more perfect, its function needs to be changed.

NCR vendor has just released its latest ATM product, SelfServ 80, which, in addition to the deposit and payment functions, uses a 19 inch touch screen to support video conferencing, so that customers can almost complete any business of the conventional bank, including applying for credit cards or applying for loans, all work through customers Households can communicate with virtual banks, so banks can provide longer service hours. Users never need to wait in front of the counter.

NCR said it will send this ATM product to the world's largest banks and many community banks this year.