The Bitcoin ATM Has Been Stationed In Holland Airport

- Jul 06, 2018-

If you travel abroad to return to the airport only to find that there are still many local currency, what do you usually do? In addition to finding money at the airport, there is an airport that can help you change bitcoins.


In June 20th, in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Amsterdam, Holland, a "bitcoin ATM" was added to support the exchange of the euro into bitcoin and ether. These two are the most mainstream encryption currencies in the world.

J Heap Hall airport is an important transport hub linking Europe with Asia and the Americas. It is also an airport in the world that provides such currency conversion services.

Airport staff said: J Heap Hall airport will always provide visitors with a variety of creative and meticulous services, with the ATM machine, hope to provide more use of the way for passengers, the local use of the euro in the airport to a more international encryption currency, bitcoin and Ethernet.

The bitcoin ATM machine will operate at the airport for six months to see if it is the services that passengers need. If you pass by J Heap Hall airport in half a year, you can find it in the arrival hall No. 1. Passengers from the departure hall 1 and two can walk through the airport corridor and find it.

Although J Heap Hall airport provides the service for the euro to convert into an encrypted currency, the first airport to receive encrypted currency is the Brisbane Airport (Brisbane International Airport) in Australia.

Starting in May this year, many shops in the Brisbane Airport began to accept payment by using a variety of encrypted currencies. This payment system is supported by TravelbyBit.