The New ATM Can Withdraw Money Without Losing The Password.

- Nov 27, 2018-

US ATM machine manufacturer Diebold launched a new iris scanning ATM at this year's CES show.

The ATM can be used with the application software on the user's mobile device, and can be traded through NFC and barcode technology. The transaction is certified by an iris scanner developed by biometrics technology company EyeLock. Currently, this product has been tested in the Citibank Innovation Lab, and it is unclear when it will be officially launched and will be promoted globally.

The following is the specific use of this iris scanning ATM: users open the mobile application, enter the amount to be taken. Next, the ATM machine configuring the iris scanner will scan the user's eye iris for identity authentication. Finally, the user then uses the mobile phone application to scan the barcode appearing on the ATM machine to confirm the transaction. After confirmation, the ATM dispenses the money. This system only supports Diebold cash machines with EyeLock iris scanners.

According to market research firm Grand View Research, the ATM market will be driven by mobile devices and biometrics. In 2014, the global ATM machine market was around $11 billion, and by 2022, the market will reach $24.9 billion. In addition, ATM machine manufacturers will also drive further growth in the market through better mobile device integration and adoption of more advanced security and biometric authentication technologies. Diebold's new iris scanning ATM machine has catered to this trend and has great market prospects.

In October last year, Diebold announced a bid of 1.7 billion euros (about 1.9 billion US dollars) to acquire German competitor Wincor Nixdorf AG, and became the world's largest ATM machine manufacturer. Wincor Nixdorf AG was previously the world's third largest ATM machine manufacturer. Business. Therefore, if the Diebold Iris Scanning ATM machine is going well, the company will be able to promote this high-tech equipment in a wider range.