The US Has 1960 Bitcoin ATM Machines, Ranking First In The World.

- Aug 21, 2018-

According to CNBC, the United States currently has the world's largest number of bitcoin ATMs, with a total of 1960, including 250 in the West Coast city of Los Angeles.

According to Coin ATM Radar, the Bitcoin ATM tracking system, it is reported that the history of the ATM can be traced back to 2014. Los Angeles is the largest city in the United States with 250 Bitcoin ATMs. Chicago has nearly 170 bitcoin ATM machines, and New York and Atlanta also have more than 120 bitcoin ATM machines. Washington, D.C., has more than 60 machines, and Coinsource, Texas, is reported to be installing 20 in the capital by the end of this year.

Canada ranked second, with 540 bitcoin ATM machines.

According to Coin ATM Radar, the Czech Republic has about 46 ATMs and more than 3,150 ATMs in 70 countries around the world.

A two-minute tutorial video on the website of General Bytes, the second-largest maker of Bitcoin ATMs, teaches customers how to use Bitcoin ATMs while scanning two-dimensional codes to select the wallet address they want to receive Bitcoins.

It is reported that the company sells bitcoin ATM on the Internet at a price of up to $9499. General Bytes said in a April 2018 press release that it had sold more than 1,500 bitcoin ATMs worldwide.

The US Genesis Coin has installed its own bitcoin ATM in 1065 locations.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin prices have recently rebounded, but encrypted currencies remain a very volatile investment for most of 2018, as they are still 60% below their December 2017 peak.