Typical Failure Of NCR ATM Power Supply

- Mar 11, 2018-

Example 1: after the power switch is opened, the power indicator light is red and flickers, but the host and display are normal.

The processing is: first, the power protection is first judged, and the miscellaneous equipment plate is pulled out to the line of the electronic rectifier of the fluorescent lamp, and the failure phenomenon is the same. After the power cord of the back module is pulled out one after another, the failure phenomenon is the same. When the DC power is replaced, it is normal. Example two: after the client opens the power switch, the machine has no action and the power lamp is not bright. Analysis and processing: first, it is doubted that the power module has a problem with the DC power supply module. The power fuse was burnt out at the scene. The power line of the host and display will be pulled out, and the fuse is changed normally, indicating that the DC power supply module is good. Connect the power line of the display, open the power switch, fuse the fuse. Judge the display bad. The machine is normal after changing the display and fuse.