What Is The Structure Of The ATM Machine?

- Mar 11, 2018-

ATM is divided into two kinds: the teller machine and the access money machine. Teller machines are often the old models more than 10 years ago, the security is not high, and is now gradually replaced by the access to the cash machine.

ATM is equivalent to a computer + a number of modules. General computer with low, playing solitaire what no problem, do not move with Warcraft estimation. Up to now, there is still a considerable amount of memory in the country with only 512M of ATM, and these machines are being phased out and moving into 1G memory. Several modules, including: cash box, check module, card reader, keyboard password, receipt printer, printer and other modules of water. Note box: as the name suggests, that is, where the money is saved, a ATM can have four or five banknotes, which can be over a million yuan.  Detector module: as the name suggests +1, is the ATM detector module is the key module, to ensure that no false money, no money, only a few do this module strength, such as Hitachi, Diebold, domestic manufacturers said one or two years ago also mastered the technology, is expected to to reduce the global cash box module market price. PS: the technical content is very high, so the probability theory ATM fake money is extremely low, once the impression received a $100 bill, check module can have different manufacturers, but experts said the bank is false, technical experts, these manufacturers were frightened, finally invited experts for Beijing. The validation results are direct, the money is really.  So dear friends, the table is worried about the price that will be taken to the point that you have found a very valuable bug.  The card reader is the module that reads the magnetic strip reading chip. If it is a magnetic stripe card, part of the machine has the function of writing cards, that is to say, if you give me a card, I can use this ATM to copy the card that is exactly the same as yours, and do not need any other instruments. Password keyboard, you enter the password of the keyboard, some machines also have a password for the administrator to enter the password keyboard, generally using hardware encryption. Receipt printer, the printer is water, respectively, and the water with the print receipt. The so-called water is a log, recording some transactions on the machine, such as card number, transaction type, amount, time, machine number, and so on. In general, a daily log is passed to the server for monitoring.