Rubber Feed Roller

Brand: Wincor
Category: Wincor Presenter
Part Number:8046900720
Description: rubber-feed-roller

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Product Description

Hot sale  ATM parts Wincor nixdorf 2050xe nixdorf rubber feed roller 8046900720

Product name:Wincor 2050xe rubber feed roller
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Rubber Feed Roller

Generally, we offer the following kinds of packing. of course, if you have specific packing requirements, please tell us, we will try our best to meet your requirements. 
1.bubble bag 
2. Pearl cotton 
3. PE packing film
4. Paper carton
5. foam and carton packing

We’d like to choose the best and fastest freight manner for you, usually, we offer the following kinds of shipping.
1.By express
2.By air
3.By sea
4.According to your specific requirements
5.Delivery time: within 3-7 days after the deal are confirmed

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